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welcome home

The opening verse in Colossians above perfectly summarizes both our heart and more importantly our Fathers desire for all of His children- that each of us would be built up and established in our faith and to pursue that in the manner in which He has prescribed, using the resources He provides and through the instruments of His choosing. It is only in this manner that we could ever glorify our God and see His purposes brought to fruition in our lives and upon this earth.

This internet site is for the express purpose of providing born again Christians additional information and resources as they prepare to leave or consider leaving institutionalized religion. This is one site among many others that is likely to be used in supporting those participating in 1st century style assemblies. This site is primarily directed toward those in Western Michigan where the owners of this site temporarily reside.  It is our hope as more and more local small group fellowships and ekklesias are started, that other individuals will follow in our footsteps in their particular locales. It is our hope that we and other contributors to these sites will help you in doing so.

Our personal goals in Christ

Our primary goal through this site is not religious ecumenism at the expense of Biblical truth, nor are we here to promote religious morality, political activism or promote social justice. The primary goal of all true believers must be the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As such, we will promote the following toward that end through the various ekklesias we may be led to establish:

~ To encourage as many born again Christians as possible to be willing to participate in building up one another up in Christ regardless of denominational influences. To speak, write and serve each other without utilizing or defending our cherished “religious” preferences.

~ To encourage all the above Christians to assemble together daily for the purpose of knowing Christ more and making Him known.

~To defend the truths of God’s Word, all the while being willing to accept others with a weaker, mistaken or immature belief system.

~ To discover the manner in which Jesus is presently building His Ekklesia and willingly participate in that as He leads us.


As professing believers in Jesus Christ, there are only three things each of us needs to discover and as soon as possible. They are:

1) Who Jesus Christ is and what He has done.

2) What His Ekklesia is and what part I will assume within it.

3) How to specifically grow in grace with God and with others.

Until each of us discovers these three things and begins living them out before this dying world- it doesn’t matter what we do or say, it won’t matter. We will continue to fail in those things to which we have been called by Our Father.

It is a wonderful privilege just to claim the name of Jesus Christ. There is a much greater responsibility after one has done so. The information and articles presented herein are for those few who take that responsibility seriously.

It is the desire and intention of those contributing to this site and the various fellowships affiliated with it, to present before all men the Church of Jesus Christ- not that which is too often built by man, but the living breathing Ekklesia of God, the believers called out from among this world for His purpose- that we might live to the praise of His glory.

Some of our readers will find this site their worst nightmare, some a challenging alternative, for others a small light upon an otherwise dim horizon. It matters not. What matters is that the few faithful continue to point others to where true hope resides…

…and it is this, the desire of our Father Who art in heaven, to present His Son alone as our object of need, our primary place of satisfaction and sole place of rest. To Him Who is our foundation, Who’s wisdom upholds all things, Who’s righteousness shall rule the nations and Who’s justice shall repay. It is His kingdom that shall have no end. In His Father’s purpose shall all things begin and end with His Lord Jesus Christ. May this also be said of those who claim Him.

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