Promises to embrace

Promises to embrace

1.  A Cross of our own to bear on our way to our flesh crucifixion. We choose to lay our (best) life (now) down, for (or in exchange) for living by His words. "Not my will but Your will be done Lord." Your preacher aint your Lord, by the way.

2. Tribulation and persecution in this world. They did it to Him and they will continue to do it to those who are doers of His will, not hearers and talkers but doers! Oh and by the way,  just so you won't be surprised, it is always the hearers and talkers, but not doers of the word, that persecute the doers, that is, till the doers cease doing and by compromise conform to the religious traditions…..Jesus saw the same things in His earth walk.

3. A straight gate and a very narrow path. Jesus is both the gate and the path, and to enter in and then walk your life submitted fully to Him, persevering till the end of your days, leads to the 4th promise. But what will trip you up is getting your eyes off of Him and onto anything of the many things that are done "in His name" that are not His will…no matter how good they look! That friend, is the wide gate and broad road of churchianity and pastor worship which is really, us choosing what is "GOOD" in our sight. By the way, that is just how Jesus described the broad road that leads to destruction that many enter in by, and will one day hear, "depart from me you worker of iniquity for I knew you not." "But Lord, Lord!!!" They will cry, "We did all these things 'in your name' (did you catch it?)" This is self righteous works done by us to, in reality, have an argument with Him, as if we have a part in our salvation! Our most righteous works earn us a first class ticket to eternal damnation in the lake of fire, as only His works are righteous! Thus we should understand that it is not our good works, but His Good Work THROUGH a submitted us, that are the only acceptable Works we can do!!! Now perhaps we can understand WHY there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth by those who did things "in His name" that were not His works but the works of self-righteous "in name only" (also known as nominal) christians. For not all of Israel (having the name) are (true spiritual, by faith in His works) Israel…and not all who name the name of Jesus (self-righteous man dreamer works) are christian (martyrs= witnesses of His work through us).

4. Either sin leaves us, or we are cast out with it. Self-righteous works, no matter how pure we think our hearts are, when conceived in the heart of man, are dead works. Doesn't matter who claims to have the "God dream" (ever hear a preacher use that term) Jude called them wandering stars and vain dreamers are another name for them. Paul understood that, A) He was alive once. B) The Law which he could not keep resulted in his death. C) The Holy Spirit made him spiritually alive by being born from above. D) He lives again, but no longer him, rather Christ Jesus in/through him.

 So Saul the religious man died to his flesh but was born again, from above as Paul, a disciple of Jesus Christ (which we all claim to be) yet he lived, not by his own self-righteous works as when he was religious…and accepted by the religious community and their leaders by tradition. For now he lived by "Not my will but Your will be done Lord!!! So now look who persecuted Paul after his conversion from mere religion to everlasting Life through him…It was the religious!!! Oh and they used every means of the system of this world, under the sway of the prince of this world, to shut him up!!!

So, do our lives look like Paul's as they should?…Or do our lives look more like the religious?!?!

 Paul, by the way, counted all his prior religious training as "DUNG!" (do we understand that word? Bulldookie folks!) Till we get that picture in our own lives, and apprehend the Truth that Jesus LIVES IN US, and we in Him, and that He desires to LIVE AND WORK THROUGH US as we live each moment of the rest of our days by His example at Calvary- "Not MY WILL, Lord but YOUR WILL BE DONE (here on earth just exactly as Your will is done in heaven) Lord. Then and only then will those Doers of His Word/Will, having perservered and endured till the end of the race, end of their earthly days, be saved and receive eternal life with the Lord. That is the 4th promise.

 The idea that we can live any way but "Your Will be done here on earth just exactly as Your Will is done in heaven," and somehow …what? …earn a throne there in heaven with God,…is…well…a satanic lie that will produce weeping and gnashing of teeth! Where are those who were in heaven who did not do His will get cast? Who is the prince of this world, who comes to steal and kill? Is not the whole world under his sway? So you see, when we do His will, …are doers of His Word, laying down our lives and picking up our cross for the death of our flesh, putting on the whole armor of Christ (which are all His attributes), and living our lives from this moment on, till our days as flesh end, running the race all the way to the end, then we have entered through the Straight Gate (Jesus in me) and walked the very Narrow Path (Jesus through me) and then…and only then…will we hear, "Well done My good and faithful servant!" For those who choose to walk this by a, man dreamed (satan deceived) broader way,…Well, allow me to introduce you to the "Yet but ALMOST christian discovered! There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth! Look around you and tell me if you see heavenly minded or earthly minded folks who call themselves christian …Now look at the image in the mirror this evening and see who you see. My prayer is that today, tommorrow and every day of the rest of your life, you see…Jesus through you!

 I tell the truth, and preach Jesus, because I care.