A day in the Life

A day in the Life

 A while back I started thinking about how beneficial it would be for believers to be able to have a manner in which they could share testimonies about what their Lord is accomplishing through them. For sure, many of these people have internet sites or blogs from which they share such testimonies and those are valuable as far as they go. But something a little more specific seems necessary as well. 

 On occasion each of us has something to share- a testimony, a vision, a revelation or maybe a serious concern or difficulty we're having. We usually reserve the above for an intimate friend or someone who might understand us. Rarely if ever do these thoughts or concerns ever become common property. I'd like you to reconsider that approach. I'd like you to consider my reasons why.

 Everyone of us likes a good story, even more so if our Lord has been directly ahead and behind the circumstances. Each of us could relate a story or two- things our Father has either accomplished through us or for us to His ultimate glory. Sometimes the story is short, sometimes the story prevails for some time. I'd like to limit these stories to mere "days in the Life of an individual believer." A 24 hour testimony of how God led, sustained, provided for, allowed you to suffer for Him, tested you, disciplined you etc. Share with us the people you met, where you were led, what service or responsibilities you endeavored to perform and even where you went to lunch if you find that to be applicable. No detail is off limits, we'll rightly leave those between you and the Spirit of God.


 For those of you having read any of my posts, a common theme is often found among them, exemplified by a simple single word. No word throughout our Bible is so ignored and neglected as this little word in practice. Without it we find ourselves often distracted, complacent and even apathetic about the things of God. Without it we struggle to consistently honor our Lord and become the witness He commands us to be. Yet things need not be this way.

 In a recent post of mine called "The sin and consequence of independence," I purposely emphasized the following statements: they were, let us, leads us, manifests through us, manifests through us, we are a fragrance, we are not like, we speak in Christ etc. Neither is it a coincidence that the site verse at the top of the welcome home page begins with this word. This is why my friends.

 Our lives before Christ began and continued on as a selfish sinful independent pursuit. God knew all too well the dissatisfaction that would and did bring and endeavored to provide a solution. That solution involved at times marriage as well as sons and daughters. Yet there's more isn't there. There's something greater yet, something only God Himself can build and bring together. That something is His body, His Ekklesia, His own people- the WE of His own possession.

 Nothing stirs my heart quite like hearing from one of my own. And make no mistake, we are one. That said, God still calls and commands us to keep and safeguard that spirit of unity amongst us, something few of us heartily endeavor to pursue. I'd like to challenge you upon this front. Despite our often being across the country or even across continents, we can endeavor to be sharing our "daily lives" one with another despite that distance.

 It's not hard to read, it's not hard to write or share what God places upon our heart at times. And this we ought to do. Far more though, God calls us to be real, vunerable and open to others thoughts about our lives and experiences. Are you open to such? Are you willing to take a step to further God's heart among His own?

 I can't speak for you, but I'd like to know about your very basic boring life as much as your studies or supernatural experiences. One is really not more important than the other. Wouldn't this aid in our knowing and serving one another? Wouldn't this be a wonderful addition to the truths we hold so dear and find ourselves talking about? Don't the younger brothers and sisters in other locales need to "hear" just how our Father works within our daily lives? Wouldn't that benefit them? Wouldn't that benefit the skeptic who occasionally visits our sites? Wouldn't it benefit you, challenge you to daily obedience and daily subjection one with another?

Consider one of these options.

 1. Create a new section on your site called, "A day in the Life." Occasionally post a testimony of your interaction with God over any 24 hour period in that month. Any day will do, you choose which one. Make it a point to share details- whatever you think is proper.

2. I have already done this. Instead of your own site, you can forward your 24 hour day and I will post it upon my site. Although I do not presently have links upon my site, I will post your site address with your daily testimony if you commit to writing at least one 24 hour testimony. It's not all that difficult.

3. Encourage others you know to start cultivating a deeper intimacy by sharing specifically how God is leading you. Make it a point to share that leading with as many likeminded people you know through email or some other medium regularly. Even if you prefer another title then mine, still attempt to follow through with this. It will be of benefit to many around you and prompt many prayers from other saints worldwide.

 Please limit your testimonies to this day and forward. We all can reflect upon what used to be and that is valuable as far as that goes. For now, let's keep our thoughts to our present day experiences.

 Needless to say, this isn't a competition. The goal is neither to outdo another brother or sister or to exalt ourselves in any fashion whatsoever. Most of us already know this. The goal is to cultivate a deeper reality of the "one another's" God calls each of us to embrace as His people. We cannot follow through upon what we do not know about one another.

A day in the Life. His Life. Our Life, together.


 Many years ago as a new believer a friend and I shared a special "day in the Life." It was on many fronts a very significant experience for both myself and my friend Dave. After it was past, Dave asked me on many occasions to write down what had happened over that period of time. Although it would have been an invaluable teaching experience of having to trust God in the midst of the fire, I hesitated and eventually abandoned the idea of writing it despite my ability to do so. I abandoned it for one very simple reason: The difficulties we suffered and experienced were due to my own selfish pursuits which brought this trouble upon myself and my friend. I didn't want to be exposed or embarrassed as a result of my own failures.

 To this day I regret that decision. I regret placing my own interests before my friends. I regret placing my own interests before God's. I regret that I cannot appeal to a now backslidden believer the marvelous grace and provision of a loving Father toward us despite the gravity and magnitude of one's failures. I didn't and I don't deserve the mercy and compassion that encompasses me despite myself. And yet…

Share you heart, share your life. The gesture accomplishes much more than you may realize.

Among the forgotten, Michael




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