Promises to embrace

Promises to embrace 1.  A Cross of our own to bear on our way to our flesh crucifixion. We choose to lay our (best) life (now) down, for (or in exchange) for living by His words. "Not my will but Your will be done Lord." Your preacher aint your Lord, by the way. 2. Tribulation […]

The Missing Ingredient

 The Missing Ingredient  I'm sitting here this morning sadly reflecting how little most of us have really lived the promises of God as believers. This book we have before us, this most cherished book we call the Bible and the Word of God, how few have really experienced the marvelous truths our God has promised […]

To whom am I accountable?

 To whom am I accountable?   Depending upon our various spheres of religious influence, many would agree that some degree of accountability is necessary for Christians while others would reject this altogether. The latter are generally those who think that only God can adequately judge them when that time comes. Is there a truth in […]