discoveries of faith

discoveries of faith

(position before God/standing) & (condition/responsibility)

We believe our lives to have two distinct aspects, first our position or standing before God and secondly our condition (the way we carry and order our lives as Christians). Understanding our position is the key to walking faithfully in our condition. In daily dependence upon God our practical spiritual condition is being conformed to our perfect heavenly position through our union with Christ.

We believe that two of the primary truths to be understood for spiritual growth are; 1) the bankruptcy of self (all we were born into and with through Adam) and, 2) our riches in Christ (all we have inherited through our union with Him: spiritual blessings).

We believe in an exchanged life, whereby we were born into a new family and heritage. God does not improve nor repair our old nature; rather He has sentenced that nature to death at the cross.

We believe that the truth makes us free, not merely a superficial knowledge of God or His Word, but rather the specific truths that are fitted to our specific needs. It is our responsibility to appropriate these truths by faith in order to experience them in our daily living.

We believe as a result of the above, that our lives are to be a participation with Christ rather than a mere imitation of His life.

We believe that all spiritual growth comes from our willingness to receive from God rather than trying to produce it in ourselves. Understanding our position in Christ in His finished work is how we trust Him for our spiritual development. Amen.


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