Free truths for Life

Forgetting what lies behind

"Although we cannot change what we have said and done, we can allow God to change who we can become" 

Love (Wins) Loses

 "For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it" – @ the real JESUS

Recipe for apostacy/Worship of Satan

"Oppose and warp fundamental Biblical truths. Merge denominations and churches under Rome's dominion. Promote interfaith gatherings for the purpose of creating a one world religion"

Should Christianity revolve around church?

"It takes courage to ask the right questions, even more so if one intends to obey God's answers"

The evidence of God's handiwork

"But one thing I know, if it is love you have responded to, it will not leave your heart cold, still. If it is grace you have found, your heart will never remain the same"

True Abundance

"When the desires of His heart become the desires of your heart- rest assured, you will have what you desire"

Right thinking + right believing = right living

"God isn't looking for men who will use His name to do His work their own way. He's looking for men who will die to their own way that He might use them"

The train of His triumph

"The crucifixion of Christ and subsequent resurrection and ascension, although beginning in utter powerlessness are the greatest moments in Christ's life…and if we share in them and IN HIM…then it goes for us as well"

Change that endures

"Christians should know by now that the world is not changed by legislation, boycotting or petitions, but only by the grace and power of the Most High God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ"

 The fellowship of daily biblical living

"Church reduces worship and fellowship to a pilgrimage and a ritual as opposed to the spiritual reality of sharing our [real] lives together"  

The Triune Blessing- twice

"He is the true orchestrator of all events, the One who convicts, the One who establishes and the One who saves. None of this is any of our business and yet He uses us to plant seeds, water fields and call others to faith and repentance"

The language of love

"The most effective communication in all the world, was and is, a crucified life"

 Salvation is a Man:

"Salvation is not something God gives to you outside of Himself (like a birthday present) but is rather actually Himself in the person of Jesus Christ" [1 John 5:11, 12]

Become the evidence:

"No one is impressed with where you fellowship, what you call yourself or what spiritual gifts you may possess- however; we are impressed with Jesus Christ, and are called to share Him with others as His impression becomes evident upon our lives"

His Workmanship:

"Christianity is not about doing things for God, as it is allowing Christ to work through us to the glory of God"

 Not I, but Christ:

"Christianity has never been about what we do for Him but what He did for us- that is what makes the difference. In this manner our focus remains upon Christ and His grace working in me- not I, but the grace of God in me" [1 Corinthians 15:10]

Revelation – facts = lies

"All Christian experience is preceded and validated by revelation" (of the facts of God's Word)

The Bible or you: Only one is both right and reasonable

"The only real Christians are those who are presently trusting in what Jesus Christ has in past history done on their behalf. For anyone and everyone else, their "faith" is a mixture of speculation, conjecture, superstition, promises of men, religious practice or tradition, various experiences and false hope. As such, this faith is not grounded upon what God has said, but rather upon one's own understanding of what they believe is right and reasonable to them"

Let Go and let God:

"To believe God will help us live like Jesus or follow His examples by empowering our sinful nature is not Biblical Christianity"

Practicing what we preach:

"Desiring to prove oneself right is not a Christian virtue, living righteously is"

Abide above:

"One thing cannot change nor will it ever change. Jesus' Ekklesia is heavenly, and that's what makes it and those who comprise it unique. It is not of this world, nor are they"

In relation to inheriting heaven and its Prince of Peace:

"The greatest opportunity offers the greatest rewards and as such, a neglect of the same must usher in the severest of penalties. He's that serious, He's that valuable"

Hope is in Him:

"Jesus has presented Himself to humanity as the solution to all mankind will ever need and desire. Not what Jesus can do, but Jesus Christ Himself"

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