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Question & Answer
What is thechurchunderground?
 The site address above was purchased many years ago and was originally going to be used as a title upon this site. There were also going to be individual roundtable groups established in various locales which would also be named as such. After some considerable prayer, counsel and reflection the primary author chose to axe those intentions. There simply wasn’t confirmation in doing so. Despite the word “church” not being found in the original manuscripts that make up our Bible, he decided to keep the above address due to its being familiar.
 The intent on naming each group was dropped due to the sectarian nature of “names.” The author would be horrified to discover his intentions becoming the next mega church, denomination or movement. He has no such desire, nor will he.
 Many things have changed in the 15+ years since the original idea came to mind. It is vital that all believers immediately become willing to change their course of action if that appears to be the Spirit’s leading for them. What that may or may not cost them is irrelevant.
Answer: thechurchunderground, although appearing in capitalized letters upon many search engines IS NOT a ministry. Ministry is a service one provides and cannot be an “it” or an enterprise or organization despite how many people wrongly attempt to make it appear so. It is not a formal name and only exists as an address to point people to this internet location.
Who wrote the original pages of this site?
Answer: None of the individuals responsible for this sites contents desire personal recognition. That is the reason for the anonymity. All those using the resources herein will hopefully follow in the original authors footprints in doing the same.
 Far too often individuals will follow other believer’s words and actions without comparing them to the Scriptures based upon that individual’s ministry, reputation, wealth or influence etc. We desire to at least deter that mistake by retaining a degree of anonymity. What is true is true regardless of who said or wrote it. That said, we will only post articles from those we believe to be born again believers whose primary source of truth is the Scriptures. This does not in any way exempt each individual Christian from comparing what the various authors write here with the Bible.
Whose site is this?
Answer: The primary writer most likely owns the site. He is not necessarily a leader nor does he necessarily desire to be one. He does desire to impart truth as led by the Holy Spirit which in turn he believes honors God. Effort has been taken to protect the owners name so credit for its resources cannot be given to him. For those who know the primary writer(s), it is asked that their identities be kept confidential as far as is possible.
Whose articles are these?
Answer: The majority of the articles posted are the site owners. In time there will be other articles and information from outside contributors as well. All contributors articles must be approved before they are posted and the authors must be willing to remain anonymous.
Who can contribute articles to this site?
Answer: There are several conditions we believe are important before an individual contributes to this site.
  • You must be a born again believer as the Bible describes that. If you intend to contribute, plan on being called to account as it relates to your conversion.
  • You must have previously left institutionalized religion. In other words, you are not faithfully attending church and all that represents.
  • You have an interest in following the New Testament pattern of Christianity in your daily life.
  • You cannot promote anything that is sectarian in nature through your writings. This includes but is not limited to: mentioning the name of your fellowship if you have one, promoting any segment of religion such as Catholic, Protestant, Reformed etc. or mentioning or referencing any religious institution in a positive  light.  
  • You cannot promote yourself or what you perceive to be your spiritual gifts.
  • There cannot be hyperlinks in your article.
 Keep in mind that all articles must be based upon Biblical truth. The less you quote other sources the better and more likely we’ll post your article. It is not necessary for you to entirely agree with the positions upon this site in order to have your article posted provided you hold to the primary foundational truths that encompass the faith.
 All articles sent to us will be reviewed and we will either post an article or ask the author to edit it or reject it outright. We will not promise to post every article sent to us. In some cases we will invite a particular author to write about a particular concern within the body.
 These guidelines are in helping to preserve the unity that all Christians share.
Who can utilize the written materials?
Answer: Anything posted upon this site can be used with permission. Contact us before you use any written documents as some of the material may be copyrighted.
Why are there no outside links on this site?
Answer: We assure you it is not as if we exclusively hold to the truth. That would be both a silly and arrogant assessment. We don’t link to other sites because we want you to search the Scriptures as your primary source of truth. We strongly value the diminishing of men and the preeminence of Jesus Christ. That said, we do know of many other individual men (most guilty of naming either “ministries” or “their” or a “church” who do contribute their gifts, or themselves (as the gift of apostle, prophet, evangelist or pastor/teacher) to the Body of Christ in a notable fashion. We value these men almost as much as those without all the names and titles etc. The latter far outweigh the former and are truly precious in His sight and ours.
 Another reason is the continuous use of past and present names of believers and their ministries and religious affiliations galore by the authors upon these sites. We would spare you all that unnecessary commentary and sectarianism. None of us as Christians need to support our arguments by quoting some past or present so-called authority on a subject. All men are fallible whereas the Holy Spirit only imparts truth. The real problem is this: Most of us still believe our spiritual “heroes” are more capable of telling us the truth than God is- and far more willing.
Do you have a doctrinal statement?
Answer: There is no doctrinal statement upon this site. The authors and writers do hold to the fundamental doctrines of orthodox Christianity (does not necessarily mean they are “fundamentalists”) and welcome all those who do as well. Even a cursory reading upon this site reveals what the primary author’s beliefs include. All of these beliefs have been gleaned from reading and studying the Bible and other resources as well. Ultimately, God grants revelation to individuals in due time as they have been prepared by Him.
 We are not opposed to these statements although they tend to quickly divide believers into sectarian camps which God does not allow or sanction. One of our goals here is to promote a practical unity amongst various believers despite occasional disagreement and misguided beliefs. A statement of faith can detract from that occurring. Romans 3:4 is upon our welcome home page for a reason. In the end we’re all going to be found in error to some degree. Let’s not emphasize that any more than we would our sin over and above the grace of God.
Can I donate financially to the sites goals?
Answer: No. First, this site is a personal outreach which neither generates funds by selling items nor does the primary author desire your gifts. We strongly believe “begging” for resources is a sad testimony before this dying world and thus we prefer to work with our hands in supporting what God has called us to do. We are not opposed to individuals who desire to give to other Christians but prefer to never charge for what God has given to us for free.
Why do many of the authors speak against institutionalized religion, religious organizations and churches?
Answer: Every article that appears upon this site reflects what the author believes to be scriptural (bible based). Each of us desires to accurately portray what we believe to be God’s original intent for His Ekklesia and people in general. Despite hundreds of thousands if not millions of the above scattered all over the globe, one would be very hard pressed to prove the need of any of the above. In actuality, despite what may appear as being “good” within them, the disadvantages far outweigh the supposed advantages. Not a single religious institution of any kind can be found that does not compromise God’s intentions, His commands and many scriptural principles.
 God is not calling or looking for people who will half-heartedly obey Him. He’s calling you, He’s calling me to count the cost, to keep Him first not merely in word but also in deed and truth. The ends never justify the means as any sin (even one) is an offense to God. How little do we really care.
Is this a discernment ministry?
Answer: This site and those who contribute here do desire to minister to others although we are not A MINISTRY. Ministry is simply the service an individual offers in the name of Jesus and through their individual spiritual gifts. As Christians, it is wise to be discerning and to speak about particular issues and people that affect what we believe. If some or all of the authors here do this, than I suppose we are exercising that particular ministry to some degree.
Why do you appear unconcerned about all the church apostacy as of late?
Answer: First, there is no such thing as a church becoming apostate. Only individuals can abandon the Christian faith and far too often that happens in and through churches. When one considers that “church” was never God’s intent for His people to begin with, then the supposed failure of such churches comes as no surprise whatsoever. God never promised the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail against our church but rather against His Ekklesia. What men builds will be destroyed (for it is temporal) yet what God builds will last for eternity.
 There is a vast difference between placing one’s confidence in their church and church leaders and placing one’s faith solely in their Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is preparing His bride and He has no intention of sharing her with another. They must decrease as He increases- in you.
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