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welcome page

[Ephesians 3:20, 21]

A sincere welcome to all genuine believers

Due to God’s grace, all genuinely born from above believers desire His very best as it is in Christ Jesus. As such, our deepest desire is to know Him, His heart, His will and His eternal purpose for our lives. It could not be otherwise.

Throughout the centuries man has attempted to build his own tower to reach heaven and then pass along his methodology to the masses. Man has assumed that if only others would follow their path all would be well and our Father glorified. History unfolds the tragedies.

In this day, many are being enlightened by the Spirit of truth as to what went wrong. Many are searching out the errors of the past and seeking God for His solution.

Without a doubt many of these enlightened ones recognize how mans institutionalized religions and fellowships have contributed to the problems. They see in God’s Word and in society how Christ’s body has been fractured and divided by often well-meaning men. The question therefore arises, “What must be done to return to our Father’s original intention for His body, namely, being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit and intent on one purpose.

The prior question many have sought to answer, although I propose it be preceded by an equally important one, “What must be done in me prior to my taking upon the role God gives me within His body?” In order to answer this I must at once ask myself:

Am I resting in my union with Christ? Without this rest and daily abiding fellowship with him I cannot contribute. No one needs or cares what I think- I need the mind of Christ.

Am I repenting from sin regularly? God’s command to mortify the deeds of the flesh is not optional. The sin that remains in me will affect all of those in His body and bring reproach upon each assembly and Christ. Obviously this also rings true for those claiming Him as Lord over their lives.

Resting and repentance open the way to recovering God’s original intention for His body- the restoration of a powerful Spirit filled life and witness before this world; both within and without the Ekklesia He is building.

Tied directly to restoration is revolution. The two go hand in hand. We may rightly discover what has gone wrong over the years with man’s church. We may talk about it to no end. But until we resolutely commit to counting the cost of change as individual believers we shall never be like our Master- living out daily the will of His Father.

The pages herein are a few of the sources which may help you in discovering God’s original intention and purpose for His Ekklesia and how that was carried out in the first century. They are a consolidation of numerous articles from a variety of born again Christians and brought together here for your edification and instruction. It is the hope and prayer of all those who contribute here to become in spirit and practice that which our Father has intended for each of us as individual believers and as a household of faith.

The simple neglect of believing and appropriating the truths of the Bible has greatly hindered the health of Christians all over the globe. Believers everywhere are attempting to alter the way in which they minister to others in the hope of impacting some for Jesus’ sake. It seems that almost anything is permissible these days provided the name Jesus is attached to it. Little do those who attempt such changes realize the import of such choices and the inevitable results that follow. As born again Christians we never stoop to this world’s level but rather live our lives separate from those who love this world. Yes, we love people as Jesus did although not on their terms but on God’s terms alone.

These pages are meant to stimulate all true saints to a thoroughly devoted Christian life before God and in relation to the corporate body of Christ. They may also periodically challenge some of the ongoing changes in so-called Christian ministries today and various facets of institutionalized religion. It is likely that some issues will be focused specifically in relation to the precise locale where we live and minister.

Most of the problems that have plagued Christian ministry over the years could have and should have been prevented. All of these problems stem from a neglect or refusal to fully obey God’s plain declarations in His Word by those who lead the various fellowships throughout the world. Ultimately these teachers, whether true or false will be accountable for every word they teach others. This includes the writer(s) of these pages. Equally sharing the responsibility are those who support the many non-biblical facets of today’s institutions. We should all ask ourselves this question, “Am I living my life to the love and acceptance of men or to the purposes and glory of God?” Like it or not we cannot have it both ways. What is right in man’s eyes is often opposed to God and in direct opposition to His revealed truth in the Bible.

Going forward in God’s service entails a returning to the basic truths foundational to our belief in Christ. In fact, without a continual reliance upon the Word of God, all man’s efforts will be found in the end to be fruits of the flesh that bear little fruit despite all appearances. The time has come to renounce our own ways, live by faith and return to the written Word. Herein we never fail and Our Father is given His rightful glory. Stand tall my friends, never compromise.

Many believers these days are returning to a 1st century style of fellowship for many reasons, one of which is for individuals who recognize that the organized church is failing and want to be part of what is soon to be the future for real believers. I do not mean all believers being part of our intentions necessarily, but rather participation in small group roundtable assemblies that are even now being established by God throughout the world. Without question this type of fellowship will become the norm as the problems within institutionalized churches and society continue to escalate.

In short, this site and its contents are a gift to those like myself who have discovered the vast difference between today’s modern church and God’s original intention for His body found within the pages of the New Testament. It is an appeal to those who truly believe in the practical unity of all who claim Christ despite obvious or apparent differences among us. It is meant to be a resource for those who want to be powerfully moved and used of God without the restrictions of institutionalized religion.

The information upon these pages is free to anyone requesting it or choosing to download it. It is asked that the information be left intact and not altered in any fashion. Despite this request, its writers and contributors will have no authority whatsoever over individual groups or assemblies when and if they are formed. We fully support the autonomy of each local ekklesia and only exist to aid those fellowships when and if we are asked to do so.

There are three primary study sections upon this site which are listed as follows:

1) Jesus Christ (explains Who He is and what He has accomplished through His humanity, death and resurrection)

2) Jesus’ Ekklesia (explains what Church really is and why He must remain the head of it.

3) Grow in Jesus (includes several written documents to help believers understand some basic truths of the Christian faith and clear up some common misconceptions). They encourage other believers to have faith in what Christ has finished (done) verses what they (do) as the basis for living out Christ’s life through us.

Please read the enclosed materials in the spirit in which they were written; in faith and with a spirit of anticipation. God can and will do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all we ask or think, but only as we take Him at His word and trust in His abilities to build His own Ekklesia.

Letter to Believers

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